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About Plet-Co Cold Storage Warehouse

Since 1984, Plet-Co Cold Storage Warehouse has started its activities in the storage of garden products such as kiwi and oranges in the western region of MAZANDARAN. After a short period of time, this company focused more on kiwi fruit. The fruit storage capacity of this cold store is over 5000 tons, which includes 13 storage rooms with different capacities to better respond to customers. Also, this company has a sub-zero hall that is completely up-to-date, which we have responded to the needs of customers


FARHAD MOZOUNI Trading, under the management of Mr. FARHAD MOZOUNI, started its work in 2014, and from the very beginning, it has paid special attention to the export of kiwi products. This company initially started exporting to Russia and in this way tried to provide a special place in the market and fruit stores of Russia by providing quality products. In recent years, with long-term planning, this trading tried to offer kiwi products with exclusive brand and packaging in other countries as well. Among these, we can mention the countries of Ukraine, Spain, Italy, India, Uzbekistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan and neighboring countries of Iran and the Persian Gulf. FARHAD MOZOUNI Trading has tried to use the most advanced packaging equipment such as fully mechanized sorting in order to produce packaged kiwi fruit with the highest international standards.

Product specifications and harvest area

FARHAD MOZOUNI Trading is trying to guarantee the high quality of its products from the very beginning and at the time of picking the fruit in the orchards and harvesting the fruit from the orchard, by having fully experienced personnel during the harvesting of kiwi fruit from the orchards of West MAZANDARAN. Also, this company has tried to take positive steps by attracting fully specialized forces in providing export products with high quality and modern standards.

Certificates and standards

FARHAD MOZOUNI Trading, with its special and expert staff, adjusts the standards of various fruits based on the standards of Russia and Europe, and based on these internal standards, meets the needs of customers in providing export products with the highest quality.

Company vision

FARHAD MOZOUNI Trading intends to expand its activities in the space of Plet-Co Cold Storage Warehouse and according to the highest global standards. In order to be known more and more in different world markets regarding different types of fruits and vegetables, especially kiwi as one of the main pillars in these markets.