Plet-Co Cold Storage Warehouse Company

Since 1984, Plet-Co Cold Storage Warehouse has started its activities in the storage of garden products such as kiwi and oranges in the western region of MAZANDARAN. After a short period of time, this company focused more on kiwi fruit. The fruit storage capacity of this Cold Storage Warehouse is over 5000 tons, which includes 13 storage halls with different capacities to better meet the needs of customers. Also, this company has a sub-zero hall that is completely up-to-date, which we have responded to the needs of customers.



FARHAD MOZOUNI Trading, with a special and expert force, adjusts the standards of various fruits based on the standards of Russia and Europe. At the same time, based on these internal standards, it meets the needs of customers in providing export products with the highest quality.

Plet-Co Cold Storage Warehouse Equipment

Plet-Co Cold Storage Warehouse Company provides the best and most up-to-date equipment for the collection to meet customer needs. One of the newest equipment is the device for detecting external defects and pests of kiwifruit, which works on the basis of image processing equipped with artificial intelligence. Other equipment of Cold storage warehouse is the temperature control system. This system has six temperature sensors (two cold air inlet and outlet sensors and four fruit core sensors) in each hall and a 7-inch central display and the ability to support up to 100 halls in the Cold Storage Warehouse.

Company vision

FARHAD MOZOUNI Trading intends to expand its activities in the space of Plet-Co Cold Storage Warehouse and according to the highest global standards. In order to be known more and more in different world markets regarding different types of fruits and vegetables, especially kiwi as one of the main pillars in these markets.


Sorting and facilities

Russia, Ukraine and the UAE

Single row

Afghanistan and Pakistan